Author name: Azeez Ola Shoderu

Azeez Ola Shoderu (A.O.S) is a personal development coach, entrepreneurial leader and mentor who has taught more than 300 students, his team members, mentees and work colleagues to attain their full potential in life and career. By profession, he is a data scientist, artificial intelligence / machine learning cloud engineer, financial analyst and web developer with close to 6 years’ insightful experience, designing various graphics via canva & coreldraw, building websites with easy-to-use platforms like Joomla & Wordpress, integrating e-commerce payment platforms like Paystack, Flutterwave & Payoneer for online store sites & generating traffic to sites using digital marketing media like Facebook, Instagram & Google. Initially, he learnt web development informally on various tech tools including HTML, Javascript and CSS. Now, he has dived into learning Cloud Computing, Financial Modeling and Valuation Analysis (FMVA), Business Intelligence and Data Analysis (BIDA) through Canadian Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), programming languages like C, Python, R and SQL through industry-leading courses like CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science & Programing by Harvard University, LinkedIn Learning and Masters of Data Science through UNICAF 78% scholarship in the University of East London, United Kingdom. On a weekly basis, he shares his data science knowledge with his community through his LinkedIn Career Newsletter; join through the link to learn “How to Start your Data Science Career” from him. And, he is applying all the knowledge learnt from using his tech stack, frameworks and tools like Tableau, Google Cloud, Spreadsheets, Excel, Github and statistical software to currently work on data analysis projects for the A.O.S MediaTech Agency and to perfect his own portfolio website @ He is also an online language coach, avid researcher, seasoned author, immigration expert, multilingual speaker, translator and interpreter. One of his missions is to help English speakers learn French language and take internationally recognized tests like TEF Canada, TCF and DELF-DALF. A.O.S has helped tens of English and few Francophone speakers to learn French, take and excel in TEF Canada for over 8 years now. Preparing candidates for English tests like IELTS and TOEFL are another one of his expertise. Based on the passion he has for language learning, he has attended Alliance Franҫaise, and even taken many notable tests like IELTS, TEF Canada and DELF-DALF with CEFR Levels: C2, C1 and B2. In terms of his linguistic acumen, he speaks six languages; English, Yoruba, French, Chinese, Igbo and Arabic to varying language competences. He also assists intending migrants to process their Visas and Immigration in order to move to, live, study and work in countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand among others. He is the founder of the No. 1 Language and Linguistics Institute, A.O.S Academy, which is an online education platform that teaches English speakers foreign languages as it prepares them for exams. He is also the CEO of the A.O.S Group of Companies which are A.O.S Migration Agency, A.O.S Media Tech Agency, A.O.S Research Institute and A.O.S ePublishing Press. Because of his vast knowledge in linguistics and his relatable approach, he is a highly sought after coach and speaker for language students. He is a Second Class Upper graduate of Linguistics from University of Ilorin and holds a Certificate of French II from the prestigious Nigerian French Language Village, Ajara, Badagry, Lagos. He has received many notable awards and recognitions such as being named as Le Maitre de la Grammaire Francaise (Master of French Grammar) in 2013 and winning the best overall student in Linguistics Department in Unilorin in 2016. His final year project centered on a related applied branch of computational linguistics (language documentation) titled “The Application of FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx): a language technology software tool for language and cultural data developed by SIL International (formerly known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics) in Analyzing the morphemes of Owé (a dialect of Yorùbá Language in Kàbbà-Bùnú LGA, Kogi State, Nigeria).” He got an “A” Grade in the research. Deeply committed to research contribution and making a difference, he has assisted hundreds of students and lecturers in their project, thesis and dissertation works related to arts, culture, education, history, language, linguistics, social science, urban and regional planning, science and technology among other fields of study in universities from Nigeria, Benin Republic, France, United Kingdom and United States. He shares free migration tips, language learning ideas, research techniques & exam preparation strategies on his Institute’s YouTube channel: He is the bestselling author of Achieve your Outstanding Success – a personal development book which helps students learn how to become an Academic Scholar while turning their weaknesses into strengths, learning a new language and succeeding in and out of the walls of the classroom. He also self-published his second book – 500 Years in a Dream; a book about learning from the wisdom of wise men as portrayed in his book of fiction on Amazon among others. He has also written and produced more than 150 PDF documents & audio lessons, video learning programs and online courses on his own built French school: and he shares free exam preparation tips weekly on his self-designed Institute's blogspot:

6 Positive Changes to Canada Express Entry Invitations for Permanent Residence

Bill C19 has revolutionized how candidates would now qualify to get selected by IRCC through the Express Entry rounds of invitations. It is no longer just a matter of the candidates with the highest Cumulative Ranking System (CRS) score. This means that those applicants with certain qualifications, experiences and abilities would also be able to get their Invitations To Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence easily now. Let’s look into these 6 major requirements that any candidate can possess for invitation.

SCAM ALERT – Canadian Provincial Nominee Program Email Spam

Early this morning, I logged into one of my professional fellowship profiles and got a direct message from one of my fellow experts from Kampala, Uganda asking about a particular email message he received which went into his spam folder about a purported nomination for the 2023/2024 resettlement program in Canada. And, I would like to use this blog post to analyze this email’s validity in relation to our past nomination letters from the real Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) secure account.

Canada Deports 700 Indian Students and Post-Graduate Workers for Admission Scam

This is a tragic story in the history of international students from India; the topmost country where Canadian immigrants come from. These deportees only found out of the fraud that was committed by their so-called travel agent only after their completed studies and post-graduate work permits expiration on the verge of applying for permanent residency. The Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) issued removal orders to these many applicants and now they are having to relocate back to their country non-ceremonially.

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