Canada Invites 5,500 Applicants to immigrate on 11th Jan 2023

Canada Invites 5,500 Applicants to immigrate on 11th Jan 2023
It is of utmost joy to every intending immigrant that Canada has commenced Express Entry (EE) draws for the year 2023. As of 11th January 2023, IRCC invited 5,500 new applicants from the EE pool to apply for permanent residency. The Cummulative Ranking Score (CRS) score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited was 507 only.

Last Year's Draw Statistics

Looking back, we could remember that IRCC restarted the Express Entry draws by July 2022 after stopping it due to the Covid-19 pandemic for more than 18 months. The draws started with just 1,500 applicants with CRS scores of 557 and at the end of the year around November 23, 2022, the CRS scores have depleted to 491 and 4,750 candidates being Invited to Apply amongst which some of our clients were part of.

Today's Draw

One clear sign that today's draw is putting in our faces is that many candidates are getting much more eligible and even more than that, they were increasing their CRS scores around the month of December and even January. 

It is no coincidence that the applicants that got selected on the 11th of January 2023 are being given their ITAs because they have done some of these key metrics;
  1. Gotten nominated by a Canadian province or territory
  2. Increased their IELTS scores
  3. Learnt French and taken the TEF/ TCF Canada test
  4. Added their master's degree and/or Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  5. Improved their survivability eligibility by adding their Canadian work and/or study experiences to their profiles
These could have been done in twos or threes prior to this year's new draw by such candidates who got their invitations.

More on the Draw

If we look much more carefully at the numbers, we would see that the Tie-breaking rule for the draw was December 06, 2022 11:00:07 UTC. And, this just means that any or everyone who submitted their Express Entry profiles on or before that date and time would have gotten their Invitations To Apply (ITAs) easily if of course they had up to or more than the 507 CRS points used to invite candidates on that day.

CRS score distribution of candidates

Even, the CRS score distribution of candidates in the Express Entry pool as of January 11, 2023 shows that the CRS score range and Number of candidates for 601-1200 is 2,995, the range of 501-600 has 3,897 candidates and that of 491-500 is around 3,141.

All these calculates to about 10,033 in total from 601 - 491 as of January 11, 2023. Hence, upcoming draws may be up to 2 or 3 before going back to the last year's selection of candidates with 491 and below.


Other Distributions from 490 and Below

In fact, the competition below the previous 491 - 1200 brackets are much more fierce as expected. It may take all the draws for this year to completely pick candidates from the ranges of 481-490 and 471-480, since they are 11,783 and 20,030 respectively.

It is worthy of note as well, that more candidates would be entering the pool almost everyday and those who are already in it would even be increasing their CRS points in order to get that chance of being invited as well.

Bill C-19 and New Draws

Though, there is a good news. Candidates may not necessarily need to wait that long if they are in the 450 - 460 ranges because there is a new selection process coming up this year as we have heard from the Minister of Immigration - Sean Fraser last year.

Positive Amendments to Express Entry will be initiated soon enough meaning that the criteria for selection of candidates who would be issued ITAs would not only be higher CRS scores but also any or some of these reasons;
  1. Their new TEER in-demand occupation codes and experiences
  2. Second language prowess (French for TEF/ TCF Canada)
  3. Need by provinces or territories for certain skilled workers and candidates' links to such locations by family relations, school or work placements
So, the green is brighter this year than previous years as candidates with low CRS scores could be selected even before those with higher points.

More Opportunities Abound

For those who are willing to pursue their permanent residency processing, this is the best time possible. Even though, the application and criteria were getting much more intense and daunting, this year's changes are turning this around for you all.

The way you can get the best out of this is to start getting your documents ready and using a fail-proof method to migrate (JAPA) to Canada as soon as possible. You can even get to apply to multiple streams of provinces and territories for their nominations to get better chances of invitation this year.

Make Money and Migrate (M.M.M.) to Canada

Many applicants who I have had the opportunity to talk with either complain about the IELTS testing system, the need to learn French or even the high rates of preparing for selection for permanent residency like the WES and other applications.

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In this webinar, I would show you how these people make money for their relocation plans to Canada and discuss with you the various ways of self-sponsoring your temporary visas (study, visitor & work permits) and permanent residency (express entry, provincial nominee and quebec skilled worker, etc) programs.

This M.M.M. to Canada conference reveals to migrants like you the 10 lawful money-making strategies to start a successful relocation using Other People’s Money (OPM) OR without spending millions of naira (or thousands of your own own dollars) into the processing.

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