Canada picks 5,500 immigrants again this January 2023 (with 50% Off)

Canada picks 5,500 immigrants again this January 2023 (with 50% Off)

This year of 2023 has been a blessed month for aspiring Canadian immigrants has the country welcomes 11,000 applicants for their permanent residency programs for two consecutive weeks.

The cutoff Cumulative Ranking Score was just 490 and 5,500 were issued Invitations To Apply (ITA) which means that the pre-pandemic standards have been surpassed. With no doubt in my mind, I affirm that year 2023 is the best year to move to Canada alone or with your family…

The Most Recent Draw

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducted a round of invitations on January 18, 2023 which is just a week after the recent Express Entry (EE) Draw of January 11, 2023 which also invited 5,500 applicants for permanent residency.

This newer draw was the number #238 in the rounds. The time of round was 16:13:57 UTC. And, the CRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited was 490 only but the tie-breaking rule was November 24, 2022 21:14:59 UTC.


Surprise Weekly Thoughts

              Could it be that IRCC now wants to be inviting candidates on a weekly basis as opposed to the biweekly timings we have been used to for the past years? Or this is just a gear in the right direction to pick as many candidates as possible in order to come back to the CRS 470± threshold we were used to before the covid-19 pandemic?

Would it be nice to even assume that this draw was just a mere façade to pull our legs towards the newly reformed Express Entry draws. Any which one, we are happy with this for now.

More Details to Note

As popularly stated by IRCC since July 2022, “Candidates from the Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades and Provincial Nominee Program were eligible for this round of invitations.”

Hence, if you are in the EE pool as a foreign banker, teacher, tailor, hairdresser or even Canadian worker or student, etc., you are also eligible to get selected if you have the lowest CRS points.

Many candidates cannot get up to 490 especially if they have no masters, French for TEF Canada test result or Canadian study or work experience, it is still plausible to get at least provincial nomination boost eligibility through proper guidance.

CRS score distribution

Looking at the CRS score distribution of candidates in the Express Entry pool as of January 18, 2023, there are some interesting facts that we need to take note of.

The CRS score ranges of 601-1200, 501-600 and 491-500 have number of candidates of 614, 1,918 and 3,384 respectively which all sum up to 5,916 out of which 5,500 were invited.

Thus, it would be much easier for IRCC to move downwards to start selecting candidates with 489 and below in the next draw which would be a very much positive sign to how the draws will favor those with lower CRS points this year.

Coming changes to EE

Let’s not forget that the way by which the Canadian government permitted IRCC to invite applicants will soon change as there would be more emphasis on various other criteria for eligibility rather than merely the highest CRS scoring system.

As explained in the briefings with the press, Sean Fraser, the minister for Canadian immigration stated that his ministry would focus on the needs of Canadian employers, provinces and territories in choosing the next eligible candidates.

This insinuates that if employers need technologists for instance in Ontario and caregivers in Manitoba or tailors in Saskatchewan, those with the somewhat highest CRS points or other required documentations are going to be selected even if more candidates in other occupations or with contrasting provincial choices have higher CRS points.

New year, New predictions

              It may be crazy to state that IRCC would be inviting applicants every other week but my guess could be that we may have more than 2 weeks of selections monthly for some varied months.

Hence, in January, we may be opportune to see them pick candidates thrice while only twice in February and as a result, instead of just 25-26 selections for the year, it may increase to about 35-40 for this year alone.

Evidently, this will make IRCC quickly meet and beat its annual 2023 plans for immigration while still achieving the set goals for employment and economic development.

Let’s paint more pictures

              Based on the current processing times statistics of IRCC in relation to the various sub-programs of the Express Entry, more Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) applicants are getting to migrate faster than their Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) counterparts.

Why? Very simple! The estimated period it takes IRCC to process FSWP applications is a whooping 17 months while that of PNP is 12 months only.

What You Can Get

Even with these estimations, many PNP applicants in our Canadian groups have preached being able to get their PR visa after 3 months of provincial or territorial applications and 3 months of IRCC submissions.

Assuming that you are an Ontario immigrant, you can expect this kind of timeline especially when your application is incompleteness or query free. That is why we also advice candidates to pursue getting first of all nominated by a province or territory before filing for permanent residency.

Our Candid Advice

              Advice is free, action is paid. Want to get action on your Permanent Residency (PR) application? Don’t just get advice, use it for yourself or through someone else who know what s/he is doing.

If you would really like to process your Temporary Residency (TR) or PR application, I sincerely advice that you start now, do not wait until later as you may not be any lesser able to do it then.

It pays to do what you can now and get chosen to relocate quickly. Some of those that got picked last year November and this year January didn’t expect it because of the higher CRS points but because they stayed through with the purpose, they didn’t mind the process and now they are on their way to move to Canada.


Express ITA Offer

              Let me gear you up to take action now just like I was when I started on this journey. I am using this blog article, email message or video, any which one to extend a very limited discount offer to those willing to take action now.

And, only 3 single, couple or family applicants would get this offer. Before it closes, our JAPA (Migrate) to Canada in 2023 complete package (that shows you how to start the relocation process from the very beginning to the end and get your application approved fast this year) has reopened for just the first 3 candidates who apply and get it on or before 11:59PM Saturday the 21st January 2023.

If you would like to know more about the contents of the offer, click this link as I hope to meet you and/or your partner and/or family members on the inside. Bye for now!

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