JAPA (Migrate) to Canada LIVE masterclass coming up soon

JAPA (Migrate) to Canada LIVE masterclass coming up soon

Let's face it, this past year was crazy/confusing/weird for Canada Immigration.

Just one year prior, Canada restricted many flights and halted their immigration programs many ways than one just to limit the continuous spread of Coronavirus and this caused some visa applicants to be stuck in the backlog....

Past Successful Applicants


Some visa applicants got approved to move to Canada in the year of 2022 and are now contributing to the economy of the country as they are with high-paying jobs like our clients; Mr. Oluwatosin Shoderu and Dr. Lawal who relocate with his family too.


Backlog Stats

Backlog fear is at an all time high though. It is still up to 2 million applications as at early January 2023.

Want to know why the backlog does not scare me and why it's not slowing us down to get more immigrants approved?

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Who it is meant for?

***Reserved for those who are ready to start or boost their study visa or immigration process to Canada... If you do not qualify at this time, I have something else for you! Please click here for this FREE GIFT instead!***

It's time for a Canada immigration live meeting that's NOT going to make you want to rewind back to 2019 (before the world entered a never-ending spiral of negative Covid news).

Online Event Topics

During this meeting I'll be sharing;

•    The lies we’re being told about Canada immigration right now
•    Why today's migration stats is completely better than pre-pandemic periods
•    Why and how Canada immigration typically doesn’t reduce, but increases even with the backlogs
•    How you can access highly chanced relocation programs with several small pushes
•    Why 2023 will still be the best entry point for immigrants since 2020

Best Year for You

2023 is a brand new year, and even amidst competitive Canadian study permits and immigration programs, there are still better chances for those who are resilient and wishes to move no matter what.

Don't get sucked into the belief that you've got to hold out until all the backlog turmoil passes. In fact, it's during times of backlog turmoil that MAJOR OPPORTUNITY is born.


Meet me Inside

If you want to see how bright and fruitful 2023 can be for you and your family, don't miss out on this MONTHLY JAPA MASTERCLASS LIVE MEETING.

Canada immigration is still alive and well, and I'll show you how to leverage it to get you and your family members out of your home country this year!

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To Your Migration Success!

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