Make Money and Migrate to Canada

Make Money and Migrate to Canada

Event Speakers:

Azeez Olanrewaju Shoderu

CEO, A.O.S Group of Companies

Date & Time:

18 February 2023 - 18 February 2023


Event Description

Make Money and Migrate (M.M.M.) to Canada is an A.O.S Canada IRC. event that trains intending migrants how to earn and relocate to Canada. 

Have you been asking yourself or others any of these questions;

1. How can I start my Canada immigration process with little or no money?

2. What are the surest ways to get approved for relocation within 6 months or less?

3. Which programs or visas could I start with little or no proof of funds?

4. Or can I just use Other People's Money (OPM) to sponsor myself and family?

5. I don't mind working; can I get to work for an international company and get sponsored to JAPA to Canada?

I will share with you 10 top secrets of successful immigrants, travel agencies and licensed immigration consultants. In this webinar, I would show you how these people make money for their relocation plans to Canada and discuss with you the various ways of self-sponsoring your temporary visas (study, visitor & work permits) and permanent residency (express entry, provincial nominee and quebec skilled worker, etc) programs.

This M.M.M. to Canada conference reveals to migrants like you the 10 lawful money-making strategies to start a successful relocation using Other People’s Money (OPM) OR without spending millions of naira (or thousands of your own own dollars) into the processing.

The goal of this event is to help you achieve financial literacy and travel success as regards your relocation to Canada. You do not need to pay any licensed immigration consultant or travel agent or representative to do your processing for your family.

You would learn how you can succeed in getting your visa and temporary or permanent residency status alone without any extra help. And, these are not illegal methods; though you would learn salient financial tricks but NOT scams. RSVP for this event immediately!


Event Speakers

Azeez Olanrewaju Shoderu

Azeez Olanrewaju Shoderu

CEO, A.O.S Group of Companies