Frequently Asked Questions

We offer English and French (beginner, intermediate and advanced) language learning courses, linguistics tutorial courses and exam preparation classes for now. However, we are currently working on adding Chinese, German and Spanish beginner courses soon. You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the introduction of the courses.

Our calendar abides by a quarter system. That is, all courses and programs run on a three (3) months basis – January, April, July and October. Admission to any of these programs at these periods starts at least 2 weeks in advance and all applications are welcome up until two weeks after resumption of that quarter.

Thanks for that question. All our courses are very much flexible to the needs of the learners. Hence, they can be taken either online or offline depending on your preferences. Though, for those living in the city of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, they can take a blending learning approach by mixing both the online and offline platforms.

You can always get registered by getting your application form, filling and submitting it. After, you select the courses you want to take and pay the required tuition fees either online via our payment integration platforms, bank transfers or direct payment deposits to our official Naira or Dollar Accounts in the Guaranty Trust Bank and start learning.

The institute enrolls candidates based on 3 criteria. First, social classification – children, teenagers and adults. Second, level of learning – beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. Lastly, adult groups – under, postgraduate students and researchers.

We accept installment payments for some services but not all. You can pay in halves for French combined courses like beginner and intermediate classes for TEF test preparation and research assistance services above $100 (#36,000) but we do not accept installments for linguistic tutorial classes. And we do have the Pay-small-small plan which allows you to pay 3-4 times but with some added fees and conditions.

The programs allow for a varied range of social educative activities like sports, talks, debates, quizzes, shows, movie nights, excursions, social media chats among others. Most of these are free while others require a few token for participation.

Absolutely yes! The institute issues national language proficiency certificates to successful language learners at various levels after haven taken and excelled in their respective exams. Also, we apply candidates to take Internationally Recognised Language Tests like IELTS, DELF-DALF, TEF Canada, etc for lifetime diplomas and foreign approved test results.

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