A.O.S France 7-Days Tour

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Regular and Luxury Packages

Tour Description

✈️ France 7-Days Tour to 3 Exotic Tourist Sites

From October 25th onwards

Have you ever been to France ?
Know about the Eiffel Tower ?

Or the Seine River Cruise?

Or even La Louvre Museum?
Want to learn French in France ?
Wish to try French cuisine ?
Or rather want to go to France to boost your travel portfolio ?

Bother no more, we have got the right plug to fulfill your dreams ! 

Let’s work your tourist visa and get you on board to France. 

Tour package includes:
✅ Return Air tickets
✅ Airport pickup
✅ 6 Nights accommodation
✅ Electronic Visa Application
✅ Travel Health insurance
✅ Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
✅ 3 French Speaking Guided Tours

What is more ? We even have packages for Couple, Luxury and Family of 3 or more

Book Now: 08107714449 or visit aosacademy.com/tours

Inquiries @ No. 51 University Road, Beside FABB Oil & Gas Ltd, Tipper Garage, Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

Get your international passport ready. We are going for a vacation soon!

Do not miss out on this! Inform all your friends and family as well.

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